Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Cloudy With a High Chance of Drama

Just got back from work. I really can’t complain about working two afternoons a week, and with Christmas, today was the first day I’ve worked in about two weeks. I was worried, because there’s a love triangle between the former owner of the store, a man who’s married (to a woman who apparently just had a baby) and a woman who just moved to the area. The married man had been “going steady” with the woman since before I started, which was in August. I believe I even saw them kiss. They held hands, made lovey-dovey eyes at each other and talk for 2-3 hours.

A few weeks ago, the woman came in and started kissing the former owner of the store. On Sims2, the action would be “Kiss…Romantically.” Not making out. But I’d prefer that to seeing her move her fingers across his face while I’m just trying to work. Please. What’s the use of having unlimited coffees and pastries if you can’t stomach them?

Next, the woman (we’ll call her Donna) and the former owner (we’ll call him Jason) are engaged. The married man (we’ll call him Brian) returns soon after and tries to change Donna’s mind about her love choice and why Jason just isn’t the right choice for her.

He told her something along the lines of, “Donna, listen to me. Imagine that you’re a little kid again and you’re learning to ride your bike for the first time, or you’re running a race. There’s a person at the finish line. Who do you see? Do you really think Jason would be waiting for you?” Then he went on to say that Jason is too macho and if he can’t physically cry, how will he comfort her?

All true stuff. Add Jason Mraz background music and you feel as though you’re really, really involved in a cheesy romance movie.

Oh yeah, and after Brian went on and on (for a full hour), Jason showed up. He came in the back entrance like a stiff cat with an arched back. You know, the kind on Halloween decorations? That’s the first thing that came to my mind. Brian jumped up, shook Jason’s hand (“I can shake your hand, I’m not sick like last time”) and left as quickly as though he had just robbed the store. And the look on his face was the saddest face I’ve ever seen Pure emote. I wanted to give him a hug. That’s when I became a senior member of Team Brian.

Anyway, he and Donna are still meeting up and Brian and Jason are apparently friends. Romance has stopped, but today they were in for about 2.5 hours. Jason came in at the end and Brian called “Hey, Jason! Pull up a chair!”

I have more dramatic stories to tell, but I’m going to wrap it up for now and save those for later.

Back to the lesser dramas of Sims2.

I mean…seriously. You can’t make this stuff up.
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