Friday, May 22, 2009

Goodnight, sun

This was my view this evening. I must say, this made up for the fact that I don’t get any direct sunlight in my room.

Anyway, this afternoon I told my mom that I don’t like gallivanting around town because something always happens. Drama may only be continued if the proper audience is present. Even if I only plan on biking, walking, or writing, it seems that I always run into someone.

Yesterday, I biked into town while it was raining. I love the smell of hot, wet asphalt. The plan was to pick up a birthday gift for my friend. Once I got home, I decided that her gifts were too cool, and that I was going to go back today and buy some for myself.

The store that I bought the gifts from is directly across the street from the coffee shop, which has been papered up for the past 6 weeks due to closing. I still think that that the police chief contacted my boss, which made him decide to bite the bullet, close down and sell. But that’s just a theory…

However, all the paper was down and I saw people inside! My new boss had hoped to open for Memorial Day Weekend, but she hadn’t called me. Needless to say, she’s a little busy beteween a new business and a baby arriving within the next few weeks. So I crossed the street, and knocked on the door. Inside was my new boss and one of my friends–neither of whom I had seen since March!

The place is completely revamped. New paint on the walls, new flooring in the kitchen area, new counter tops, painted drawers, brand new appliances, and all the furniture had been rearranged.

I stayed for about an hour and a half to help measure and bag coffee beans and trail mix. I start work tomorrow the new coffee shop.
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