Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tired day

After I biked over a draw bridge and was chased home yesterday (only to exagerate the issue a little), today I am completely wiped. Days like these pass in similar fashion: By noon, I can’t recall anything productive I completed that morning, including getting dressed, having breakfast, starting school, and the like. I try to make progress on something, but by 3 o’clock, I’m passed out on my bed, sometimes too antsy to fall asleep.

Dinner time, I start to feel a little better but begin to wonder if perhaps I’m not coming down with a bug. By 9 o’clock I can’t move, and then it gets to be around 11 o’clock pm, and I’m ready to par-tay.

One of the other things I do to keep myself awake during times like these, it to take a break and do something I really like. Just to get that feeling of Wow, I sort of want to stay awake for this. Tonight, I was hoping to add Twitter and Pandora widgets to my blog–but guess what? WordPress doesn’t allow javascripts or flash.

Come on.

I love WordPress, but lately I’ve been considering getting another domain and hosting service, just so I can do what I want without resctrictions. (Sounds so teenager-ish of me, eh?) And, yes, I do know coding (PHP, CSS, HTML, PHP includes, etc, etc) but my question for anyone reading this tonight is What hosting service do you have and are you happy with it?
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