Sunday, January 24, 2010

It's on, sistah

My sister, Sarah, and I go way back know, 'cause we're, like, sisters.

We don't always have a lot in common (Sarah's thrifty, witty, and vegan, and I like to spend a sometimes obscene amount of money, tend to just--you know--talk back rather than come up with a good, witty comment, and love me some meat). But we do have a lot in common: we both love art, cooking, good clearance finds, 1970's fashion and styles, criminal justice, crushing people's heads (ala Kids in the Hall), yelling at people on the road while we're driving too fast, Conan O'Brien, Reno911!, Bright Eyes, and Good Charlotte.

For the past few years, Sarah has been very interested in healthy eating, and has recently started a blog based on healthy eating on a budget. Whereas Today I Made Risotto tends to lean more towards unhealthy eating, I actually have been trying to change my diet since having watched Food, Inc and King Corn (both of which my mom just blogged about).

So, in the spirit of innocent sibling rivalry, I'm going to start posting about healthy entrees and breakfast items. Sarah's will usually beat mine (as tofu tends to be healthier than meat injected with chemicals), but I think I can still put up a good always ;)

Well,'s on!

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  1. Heyyyyy Sister... cute post! Awww's and stuff =D

    Your carrot cake looked pretty amazing, btw!