Monday, February 8, 2010

Updates & whatnot

It is...Monday evening. 11:20, to be exact.

I am finally feeling better. Sometimes with emotions running high, and my stomach pulsing like a train on wobbly tracks, I get a little panicked. Panicked, as in, seriously--there is no way this situation can land on two feet.

Which is understandable after being ill for a week and a half, knowing that in a few weeks you won't feel too hot again and you'll feel sick again sooner if you step over that fine of food tolerances. However, I understand that I frightened a person or two and I apologize.

For now, I am concentrated less on my stomach, and more on other things. Such as...

Violin. I just started playing Vivaldi's Summer, of The Four Seasons. Beautiful piece!

Writing. It would be so awesome to hold a final copy of my book by summer. And it's looking like I might!

So, yes, I am living the life of a self-absorbed college student. Whereas I hope I'm not being inconsiderate of others in my thoughts and behaviors, I am enjoying owning my schedule, for the most part.

Tomorrow I am back in the kitchens. This would be great, but I really am hoping for a snow day. I would love an extra day to work on my book!!! :)
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