Friday, May 14, 2010

I am...


Yet, even though it's a 2-year culinary program, I'm not exactly half done. I have completed 2 of 5 semesters. The next semester starts in 2 weeks, and I'll start Baking for Chefs in 3 weeks. That gives me a nice little break to keep finishing the final draft of my novel, as well as hunt for a job.



I don't mean to shout, and I don't mean to seem so happy about it. There really isn't anything wrong with being a first year, except for the parts where you feel stupid because you can't remember how to braise or where the spatulas are. "First year" does sound a lot better than "tweener" (being "in between" first and second year), but "second year" has a certain golden ring to it.

On a side note, I have many many many pictures to upload and I will save that for another post. I don't realize it, but I still cook a lot at home, despite how much cooking I've done at school. Even the small things count for me, like cooking green beans. Tonight I'm also going to make a strawberry jell-o and cool whip salad. Tomorrow, however, I will be making homemade ratatouille with fresh egg plant, zucchini, and tomatoes. Skip the powdered garlic, too, I bought bulbs, baby ;) I'm going to be serving that on whole wheat pasta. I also bought broccoli for cream of broccoli soup (made with a roux, a thickening agent made with equal parts flour and butter, heated over a stove).

So, for the next 3 weeks, (and whether or not I get a job) I am going to be studying cooking on my own. Why? Don't I need a break? Well, first, I learn better on my own without anyone distracting me or without the one chef spontaneously bellowing "You're doing WHAT. SERIOUSLY...No, really, that's...that's not a bad idea. No, I mean it. You're doing it the right way."

Second, I get to make what I want and don't have to worry about my many allergies and intolerances (like lactose, tryptophan, raspberries, wasabi, cabbage, lobster -- to name a few).

Third, I just really miss learning things at home. Every day I come home from school, I give my mom a reason why homeschooling is more efficient than public school. If I make a mistake, who cares? :) No pressure. Who can learn if they can't have a little fun?
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