Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I'm Always Write

Long day today! I am making progress on something very important, though: concentration. Yeah, my brain cells need a boost and my attention span has been getting increasingly worse. I’m like Gir, on Invader Zim. I’m in front of the TV, the fridge, flip through a book then toss it across the room, dig a hole in the front yard and use it as a fort to spy on the neighbors, tip over garbages can, back to the fridge,, solitaire. Wait…schoolwork? Since when was that supposed to be on my agenda??

Today in Reading Comprehension, one of my assignments was to write a paragraph using four of the words below:


Now, maybe most mother’s would receive something normal from their kids/teens like “My room was blanketed with Christmas toys” or “The peacock had pretty plumes” but I can’t help but write a scene. Not just a paragraph. A scene. After sitting at my desk and looking at the fat snowflakes falling outside, this is what I came up with:

After the humans left their settlement, I was forced to find another source for
my meals. It was pathetic—a lone tiger like me traveling through the jungle, not
able to catch a thing. I wouldn’t settle for a wounded bird. It had colorful
plumes and I knew that most colorful creatures tasted funny. A sluggish monkey
stared at me as I cursed my hunting skills. No, nothing would I eat without a
fight. A mist blanketed the thick foliage under which I lurked. The mist tasted
sweet with nectars, greens, juices and citrus. Another flavor joined the
emulsion of the mist…a flavor that erupted an involuntary purr within the pit of
my stomach.
Haha. Please note that the narrator is a tiger. Not Gormagon. (A cannibal on the Fox series called Bones)

This is why math is never done.
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