Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Written in Insomnia

Last night I was tired and worn out from my cold, so when I snuggled under the blankets I knew I was going to fall asleep right away (which isn’t usual for me asI’m usually awake for 30-45 minutes after I turn my lights out). However, as I was turning off my light, I suddenly got this very clear image in my head of a hotel room and the person in it.

I’ve developing this character in my head for a while, and finally she’s been given a story. I turned my light back on and pulled out a notebook and started writing. The words poured out of my brain as effortlessly as if I were dreaming the entire sequence. And I didn’t stop writing, other than for a brief second to make sure I was wording the sentence properly. A while later, there were 7 wide-ruled pages of notebook paper filled out with scrawly purple lettering that only I can probably decifer.

That, and a complete beginning-to-end plot

The end of the story was foggy, but the general placement/necessity of characters is pretty straight forward. I’m debating about whether or not I want to post it because that usually causes me to loose my enthusiam. Although…I think I may just start writing it and see where it goes.
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