Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mozart and Gatsby

I just spent $6 on Mozart’s Divertimento No. 3 K 138. I want to marry the man! So talented. Hahaha, going on…

Lately I’ve been super overtired and can’t really figure out why. I was feeling really good for about 4-5 days when I had lights out around 11 and I would actually wake up at 9. Have you seen that part of Wall-E, where he wakes up and stumbles off his shelf? I make those exact same noises. I think Disney and Pixar just took sound-bytes of me waking up in the morning. Moan, stumble…crash….Oh, I watched Wall-E again last night with my lil bro. It’s such a good movie and we colored together ))

Anywho, my late nights have been due to the fact that I’ve re-discovered novels. Dad got me a spy novel from the library called The Spy Went Dancing and it was very interesting. I finished that in about two weeks, about the same time it took me to finish The Templeton Plan that I’ve been reading for school. Now, I’ve started The Great Gatsby. There’s not a lot of plot so far, and generally I like stories that start out with “He fell to the floor, dead, and I’m going to find his killer.” BAM. PLOT. But in Gatsby, the prose and flow of the words are so detailed and…harmonious that you can’t help but go on. Maybe Mozart wrote it.

I do have some more things to scan for brushes, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to get to them until next week.

Until then,

Bonne nuit
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