Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sick, Chance of Drama

Those of you who follow my blog might be wondering why I haven’t posted any recent stories from work and tales from the homeless. I was supposed to work yesterday, however, my stomach failed me and I had to get someone to cover for me. After that, I proceeded upstairs where I read one chapter of The Templeton Plan (for school), took a 40 minute nap, read two more chapters, and then continued reading The Spy Went Dancing. A few episodes of The Allen and Craig Show (YouTube it!) might have been involved somewhere in that time.

This morning, my stomach was still incredibly off, and “off” doesn’t even begin to descibe it. Basically, I threw up twice and was sweating even though my room was actually quite cold. Fun! But, the power of prayer never fails me and I was soon feeling better by lunchtime and was able to eat a few oyster crackers and sip my Welsh’s Mango Twist Juice.

However, I am scheduled to work tomorrow and have decided I am going because I can’t go longer than a week without my chicken salad croissants. (Which actually may be chicken salad on brown bread because…ya know…croissants are buttery) I should also stop at a convenience store and buy Gatorade because red Gatorade is the best thing ever!!!! when you have an upset stomach.

Thursday, my mom and I are taking a field trip to the mall and (as she pointed out) I always feel better before we go shopping I am hoping to find some new dress clothes and—I’ve never been in American Apparel. I’m really hoping their clothes aren’t as solid colored and trampy as they are in their ads in Teen Vogue. Has anyone been to American Apparel?

Peace out. I’m off to bed.
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