Monday, April 6, 2009

Crime Scene Photos

Oh, goodness me. It seems as though my love of crime scenes and chocolate have come together tonight in some sort of Nagasaki explosion. After the incident, Mom started asking me questions from the other side of the house, and my brother began to yell and holler so that I couldn’t hear her. At that moment, I just wanted to start kicking things, but for about the fourth time in the past two weeks, I caught my anger in time, left, and relaxed.

Yesterday I didn’t hold it in. I started poking my iPod Touch in the screen until I realized what I was doing and that it couldn’t feel pain.

Anger : 1. Mary : 4.

Here are the official crime scene photos.

Deceased spatula suggests there was a struggle. (There was)

This is just the stovetop.

A bit of advice: Don’t thwap open a package of cook-and-serve pudding as you would a package of instant hot chocolate mix.
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