Monday, April 6, 2009

More Time to Blog!

One of the reasons I haven’t been blogging much, especially in the last month, is because my job was in the air and I didn’t know who was reading my blog. Why bring on disaster sooner than possible?

However, what did happen was inevitable.

One day in March, two customers came in, both men, late 20’s/early 30’s. I said Hello-How-are-you and the one man replied in a sigh “I’ve been missing you.” Totally crossed a big line. But what can you expect when you’re 17 and working alone in a cafe? I ignored it, but a few more slightly discomforting things happened and decided that yes I was going to take the police chief’s advice and call non-emergency. Since I like to think I know something about police procedures (even small ones) I asked the man where he worked and decided to get some information from him. He replied, and then told me that we should go fishing sometime. He also asked me if I had much longer on my shift.

They left and one short call to the PD later, an officer arrived and began to take notes as I explained everything to him. A customer even replied what sort of car these men had. The officer asked me whether I would like him to contact these men or not, and I replied no. Just to make sure it’s on record in case the situation were to repeat itself.

The next week, I came into work to find boxes in front of the punch-in box and a manager who would only give me one word answers. I was desperate for something to say to break the ice, so I asked her if she heard I had to call the police the previous week. She replied, “Why did you do that? That is completely innapropriate. Don’t call the cops again, Mary!” She actually yelled at me for about three straight minutes, in front of customers.

After that, she’d only give me funny looks, like she thought I’d call the cops on her. Then, a week and a half later, I came into work and she jumped like a rabbit and said “What are you doing here? You don’t work today.”

“Of course I do,” I replied, remembering when she had once defended me against the other workers so that I could keep my schedule.

“No, I gave your hours to someone else,” she replied. She made no attempt to tell me this, and when I mentioned that she could at least text me, she replied “I’m an adult, Mary, I don’t text.” even though she texts my boss, who’s in Florida.

Long story short and a bit of yelling on my part, I was fired, though she denied firing me. She just wouldn’t let me work anymore.

SO, not being the “I’ll take this like it’s nasty medicine” good-little-girl that I am, I notified the PD of these happenings and guess what? The cafe is CLOSED FOR REMODELING (to quote their sign). The front windows and doors are papered up, as well.

Only, there’s a catch…It’s been three days, and no sign of any construction workers. And, I seem to remember that my boss was having a difficult time just paying the workers and ordering supplies needed to run a shop

Oohhh!! Would you like a side of Chocolate-Crime-Scene-Pastries with that Justice?
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