Tuesday, April 21, 2009

State of the Union

My poor brother…Saturday morning he wasn’t feeling well, and then spent the night throwing up. Poor little guy. Sunday afternoon he started to do better, and then the bug came back by storm around midnight, so we’re all overtired. Dad ended up spending two nights in his recliner, monitoring my brother who slept on the couch, and he and my mom had clean-up duty. But my brother’s doing better now, and he just gave me a full fledged lecture and keeps being annoying and yelling. Yup, he’s back to normal.

In other news, I am officially employed again. Same company, different ownership! The current owner has worked at the coffee shop for many years, and now she owns the shop with her husband. How cool? I start working next month, and I am told that things will be changed and the coffee shop will once again be a happy place.

As for in the world of writing, I really don’t want to release too much information. I’d love to post an excerpt and have someone critique it, but I’m thinking of waiting until I actually finish the project before I do anything else.

I’ve also discovered that I am an obnoxious writing snob.

I just bought Run for Your Life by James Patterson, and stayed up until 1 am last night reading the first handful of chapters and comparing his villain to mine. See, he started out by comparing his villain to Tom Cruise, who doesn’t exactly scare me. I mean, tell me that the villain is a cross between Humphrey Bogart and Christian Bale or something! But also, James Patterson’s villain doesn’t have much of a motive other than being increasingly annoyed by people. I get increasingly annoyed by people, and I threaten to do something horrible, but I take a deep breath, get through that check-out line and move on. I need to know why this guy is different, aside from his ego. As for the main character? Love him. His personality is so unique, though his actions sometimes don’t match up to his personality. However, his background is a little unrealistic, but maybe I haven’t read far enough to be convinced.
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