Friday, May 8, 2009

My Writing Desk

My bedroom faces north, so the only time I get any trace of sun is very early in the morning (about 5:30), usually in late summer. Last night, I was able to prop one of my casement windows out in just a way so that I was able to shine some light on my writing sanctuary, and felt the need to document it.

So here is an introduction to my nice little area. First and foremost, I always have about three 1/2 full bottles of Ice Mountain lying around. Behind them are my most valuable writing books: Character Naming Sourcebook (Sherrilyn Kenyon), Writer’s Guide to Character Traits (Dr. Linda Edelstein), Plotting and Writing Suspense Fiction (Patricia Highsmith), Police Procedure & Investigation (Lee Lofland), Hooked (Les Edgerton), and lastly Webster’s NewWorld Vest Pocket Dictionary. The last is under a water bottle hahaa…

I can’t tell you how often I’ll sit down to a neat and tidy desk, and then two hours later I’ll find notebooks and folders strew to the side, and my Character Naming Sourcebook propped open, with an index card to the side that says "must be Irish last name" in a scrawl that only I (sometimes) can understand.

Above my laptop on the wall are clippings: There’s the Gucci ad that reminds me of my villain, my brain list which I am trying to memorize, the soundtrack to my book listing songs that instantly send me into my little world, a word count goal, a clipping on famous people who were homeschooled, a quote by Michael Connelly (“The best cime novels are not about how a detective works on a case, but how the case works on a detective.”), a clipping about laziness VS writer’s block by Christina Williams (“[The difference is] whether or not the keyboard imprint on your forehead is from using it as a pillow or smacking your head in it.”) aaand a drawing and essay I created when I was 7-1/2 that says “I want to be a detective. I can practes now and do some now. by Mary…Januway 6th wensday” Above it is a little guy with a magnifying glass, hovering over some very haphazard-looking footprints When I was 7, I had a detective kit, a ballerina tutu and a Star Wars StormTrooper gun. I really haven’t changed that much

To the right of my laptop is a wooden box that my dad handmade and polished for me for Christmas. Of all my little stationary boxes, this is my favorite :)
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