Friday, May 8, 2009

Caves and Coves

Ack, I was going to post this earlier, then my laptop died and by the time I got it to start working again, I realized I had Bones season finale waiting for me in my Hulu queue. Did anyone see last night’s Bones? What did you think? I mean, hallucinations? C’mon…

Anyway, yesterday we took a roadtrip and went to a park. This wasn’t your typical kind of park where you stand and gaze at the lake, then toss rocks at the waves. At first, I thought it was pretty. Cliffs with the lake 16 feet below is kinda cool, eh?

Then we got closer, and heard thunder. It was supposed to storm yesterday afternoon, but this thunder was rhythmic, not inharmonic like the first few thunders before a storm. Ahead, water lapped out from under the haze and the fog. In between the trees, this is what we saw:

It’s so pirate-y, I can’t even begin to describe it. Can’t you picture The Black Pearl emerging from the fog? It gets better.

The thunder we heard was actually the waves going under the rocks and spraying back out. There were some pretty neat little caves. It reminded me of the ending in Harry Potter 5. Didn’t he have to hide in coves?

It didn’t take long for me to remind myself that the beginning of the climax in my book was to take place at a beach. Instead of your average sunny-day, white-sand beach, I think I’m going to make it something like this. After my imagination started to spin, I ended up plotting out most of my climax.

Above is a fallen ledge that had been exposed to too much erosion. Could you imagine being there when it fell? How loud would that have been? After seeing something to intricate and detailed, it’s amazing to me that some people think all this happened by one big bang.

That’s all for now I’m taking a break from writing today and I’m going to go lounge and read. Or perhaps I will turn these pictures into iPod touch and iPhone backgrounds.
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