Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It’s Official: I’m Crazy

The day started at 5:25, exactly ten minutes before my alarm.

I got dressed in leisure, washed my face, applied makeup, and hopped in the car. Dad drove me to work. By the ripe ol’ hour of 6:30, I began my earliest day of work ever.

No one was at the shop, so I let myself in. My boss arrived shortly after and we talked for a while. There are a lot of coffee craving people out between the hours of 7 and 8 o’clock.
One family had lunch at 10 o’clock. I don’t even eat breakfast until noon on most occasions, much less wake up before 10 o’clock.

My stomach wasn’t too good today, but I’ve learned to pray, and keep moving. Nothing happens. I never faint, or throw up, no matter how much I want to sometimes. However, at noon, my boss returned just for the beginning of the lunch rush. Rush is a major understatement. He let me “take 5″ and I went out for some fresh air. I took a deep breath or two and updated my Twitter.
Lunch rush was mostly over by 1:30, but I was able to eat my first meal before then. My favorite is a grilled panini sandwich with deli-sliced ham, provolone cheese, presto sauce, and spinach. So good.

I have many, many, many customer stories to tell, but I’m too exhausted. However, I was confronted by a woman. "Let me just tell you that this is the first time I’ve been in a coffee shop and they handed me cream cheese packets instead of spreading it on themselves." You would have thought I kicked a puppy or something.

2 o’clock, I punched out. Mom met me at a nearby shop and we looked at cute baby clothes (for no one in particular), and went to my favorite African store where I bought another ring. It’s brown and made out of a nut. Pretty cool, huh?

Then, we went to my bank and closed my account. That took about 30 minutes. We went to another bank, and opened checking and savings account for me, and that took at least an hour.
After that, we headed back into town, and back into the coffee shop. I made a half-caf iced mocha with whip for my mom, and a mostly-caf iced vanilla latte with whip for myself. We shared a frozen brownie and it was very good.

By the time we got home, Mom and I were both on caffeine buzzes, and mine just ended (some five hours later). My brother and Dad got back from a bike ride and I decided Hey, my brother likes to help me rearrange my room and I need to spend time with him, so let’s rearrange my room!

There was much giggling, and laughing, and I now have my hutch on my dresser again. It hasn’t been like that since the move (August 2007), so I am very happy. As soon as the big wooden piece of furniture landed on the dresser, my brother (holding up one end) burst into a fit of giggles. It was great :- )

Then I decided I should rearrange my entire room to make a better sleeping and writing environment. The two are interchangable by the way.

By 9 o’clock, the caffeine buzz wore off, and I had one heck of a messy room. It’s better now, but I’m looking forward to some shut eye by 10:30.

It’s 9:45 right now.

How many hours have I been awake? I’d never make it as a cop, haha. But I’m tiiiiiireeeeedddd.
Peace out, all. I have another long day ahead of me tomorrow: I work 1-7, but might come in early for the lunch rush. Better tips, and I feel so bad leaving just one person to deal with all those vicious, teeth-gnashing wolves that we call customers @_____@ Haha, it really wasn’t all that bad. My IBS was the worst, but I’m still here. Part of my thumb isn’t…I took off about 1/2 a centimeter while cutting tomatoes last night….That got me to wake up!
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