Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Drinking Lattes & Packing Boxes

Fortunately, almost a month has past since I had to call for emergency backup in a situation. However, that doesn't mean my past 3 weeks have been uneventful.

1. I'm done at the coffee shop and even went in to get my last paycheck today (as well as an iced van/haz latte). My boss A wanted to get me on the schedule for the first week of August, but...

2. We are moving next weekend. That means that my family and I have been packing. It also means that we (meaning, my parents) found a house. It's a Sears house, an old house, but not old enough that I will be up until 4 in the morning looking for ghosts.

3. My mom and I took a 3-day trip to Chicago to visit relatives (and managed to sneak in a little shopping).

4. I am all set for college, and have been cooking more and more lately to prepare (or use as therapy, I can never tell). It was advised that I order my books after the first day of each class, so that is an uncompleted task.

5. I've been writing. I haven't been gotten very far, but I am now at 115,319 words.
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