Sunday, November 22, 2009


hard on combining two blogs. Blogger was being a butt, so I posted all entries manually. However, all dates are correct---dating back December 2008. A year ago!

For those of you on Twitter that have gone without updates for a long time, I'm sorry. August was a crazy month, in which we moved 236 miles away, which brought us only 72 miles away from my hometown... . August and early September were also the time in which we lost my godmother and a family friend to cancer. I also started culinary school and am enjoying an environment with an excessively less amount of drama than in a coffee shop.

I've met a ton of really amazing people at school, people of all ages, genders (I've been told there's more than one), ethnic backgrounds, relgions, and childhood upbringings. Some of these people and I clicked right away and we have been good friends since, others...I have had to have security walk me from the classroom to the door because of harassment issues.

Getting law enforcement involved? Me? Impossible!

I'm restarting a blog knowing my purpose and audience. My dear readers can look forward to photography, recipes, short stories, and quotes snippets of my day at school. I have also combined my Twitter to my Facebook, and my Twitter to this blog, so that my FB friends can follow along as well :)

Have fun! I'm officially releasing the link to this blog next weekend.

Happy Thanksgiving :)
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