Monday, November 23, 2009

Not Me!

In the spirit of Not Me! Monday, hosted by MckMama, I thought today was a good day to participate.


Because I did not febreeze my workout pants in order to get one more workout session out of them.

I also did not drop my 13 pound cookbook at midnight, waking my parents up and making them think our house was being broken into.

I spent way more than two hours this weekend on homework, and do not have enough work to keep me busy for the rest of the year. I did not spend that time playing Sims 3, watching Castle, Bones, and Little Miss Sunshine. Not me!

And, to be very truthful, I didn't do laundry this weekend, so I got 4 loads sitting on the floor, staring me in the face. So I'm going to not do laundry...literally :D


  1. I'm working on laundry I didn't do too! :)

  2. I told Dad I thought either a fat squirrel fell on the roof or someone was breaking in, but he confirmed it was that doorstop of a cookbook of yours taking a dive. One more gray hair.....LOL, Love you!