Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas pictures

1. It took Josh 10 minutes to change into nice clothes. After he called me to his room, I found him hiding behind the curtains, still in his jeans and motorcycle tshirt.

2. It took him 10 more minutes to actually change.

3. My hair turned out gorgeous! I love getting dressed up.

4. Josh did not like having sculpting clay, mousse, and hair spray on his hair. I had to bribe him by promising to play Smash Brothers with him. Even so, much screaming ensued.

5. After many nice shots of me and many pictures of Josh with his mouth open, doing bunny ears, laughing hysterically, I got frustrated and demanded at least 3 nice pictures. Remember when I had trouble watching Sabrina because my speakers had copied a lightning sound and played them at full volume? Yeah. After I yelled, the speakers exploded just like that. No joke. Josh fell over, laughing.

6. Santa hats can be used as donkey tails.

7. Little boys will eagerly take showers if they have hair spray in their hair. (Just...ya know, a hint for the sisters and moms of the hygenically challenged) ;)
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