Friday, December 4, 2009

No heart? Seriously?

It's routine for me to watch Bones on the weekend. This is how I wind down from a long week. I've followed Bones for over a year now, and I'm simply addicted.

But, honestly, this last episode--Gamer in the Grease--infuriated me so much that I don't think I'm going to follow the series any longer.

Was it the gruesome scene scene with the body parts falling off the murder victim that disgusted me? Disturbing, but no. I saw a similar event yesterday that included a dead rabbit in a school kitchen.

Was it the bizarre side story with Fisher, Hodgins and Sweets? It didn't add anything to the plot, but no.

It was in the last minutes, when Bones and Booth were discussing about how a person could kill another person (spoiler) for stealing their autistic son's glory. Bones said didn't understand because the autistic son couldn't have a broken heart. The son didn't care if anyone stole his glory. At one point, Bones said something about him having no heart. I tried to go back to find that segment to quote it directly, but I just got frustrated all over again.

To the writer's of Bones: Are you kidding me? Just because a person is autistic means that they can't feel emotion? There have been some pretty low points to the show, but this marks a new spot.

Bones is about facts. It's not a fact that autistic children "have no heart." Quite the opposite. Every autistic child is different. Yes, it is not uncommon for an autistic child to seem withdrawn, yet have an incredible talent in something like video games or painting. There was a recent article about an autistic man who drew an 18 foot sketch of New York City from memory after a 20 minute helicopter ride. He loves music and listens to it while he draws.

How can a person like that not have a heart?

I love Bones, I really do. I've seen all of seasons 1, 3, 4 & 5, as well as most of 2. I own season 1. Emily Deschanel is one of my favorite actresses. Tempe and Booth are two of my favorite fictional characters. Every other murder mystery or drama that I watch, I compare to Bones, because--until now--it was my favorite show. Not anymore.

That was too low.
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