Saturday, January 9, 2010

Adventures candles!!

When I get an idea, I get an idea. When I see a cool shirt, I buy that cool shirt. This isn't exactly a good trait, but at least this impulsive incident was very constructive, character building, educational, and all that jazz.

The other day I found oodles of adorable cups and mugs at Goodwill and decided that soy wax candles would my next investment and adventure. Thus, that afternoon I exported a lot of cash on a 10 pound bag of soy candle wax, and all the accessories needed.

The wax arrived earlier this week, and the accessories arrived this afternoon (above). The adventures started immediately.

I set everything up at the kitchen island, and Mom researched how to do everything in the microwave instead of creating a makeshift double boiler. The first two candles went perfectly...

As you can see, I thought the wax was going to be very awesome and dark, but instead it lightened up like crazy. That part is hard to get used to, but thankfully the colors all still matched their mugs.

My three favorites are the two pine cone tea cups and the blueberry vine coffee cup. The purple are scented with Lavendar Sachet and the blueberry is scented with Country Garden.

Towards the end of the afternoon, I was still having a ball. However, Mom informed me that I was getting tired after she heard a chorus of, "Crap! LISTEN TO ME, you stupid wick. STAY in place. Dangit. YES! I got--Crap! You are STUPID, candle. STUPID, YA HEAR?" But everything worked out in the end, even if my phone didn't send my Twitpic and the microwave began to overheat.

Just before dinner, I finished the 12th candle. Mom has convinced me that I should keep the cool green glass candle to experiment with. Experimenting with fire? More candles, please ;)

(Check back compulsively! I will be posting many of these in my Etsy shop soon...I know you have you have your eye on that purple pine cone one. Don't think I'm not psychic...)
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