Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Day in the Life of a Zombie

(image not mine)

6:45: Deep-a-deep-a-deep, Deep-a-deep-a-deep goes the alarm clock. I am rudely interuppted from my serene dreams to realize that I have to leave in 45 gracious minutes.


7:15: Drop a sandwich onto the panini grill...

7:30: Leave and floor it out of the subdivision

7:45: Make it to school, parked in a fairly decent spot

8:00: Reconnect with friends from last semester! Yey!

8:05: Teacher arrives...finally. We go into the class and the teacher starts off with a bio.

8:30 (in the year 2013): The teacher ends his bio. We actually start on curriculum.

10:00: Get out 50 minutes early, and talk to some good friends from last semester.

10:30: Leave for the library.

11:00: Found a freakin' sweet Martha Stewart cooking school book. A good refresher on stocks and sauces.

11:30: Arrive home, talk to Mom, eat breakfast, immediately followed by lunch. (I didn't finish my 7 am panini)

12:30: Back out the door, floor it through the subdivision. Stare at a homeless man and a stray white poodle, thus missing an opening in the traffic. So I wait. Then I floor it and get into the flow of traffic.

12:55: Jog-walk to class.

1:00: Make it to class and sit by a new friend. Teacher has us interview another person and then make a statement (a point) about that person, complete with supporting facts, and then restate our statement.

1:15: Teacher says our speeches don't have to be like Obama or Frasier. I laugh (and am the only one to do so) because I think he means Frasier Crane. Maybe he does. Maybe he doesn't. But this teacher is also my Psychology teacher and he teaches about Freud. I only hope to goodness he is a fan of the show.

3:15: Make it out of class. Get in the car and listen to The Roe and Cisco Show on WLS.

3:17: COFFEE. ISN'T. WORKING. Must keep't want to wake up in a cornfield....

3:20: Turn Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" up to about 120 decibels.

3:25: Yayy! Roe and Cisco are back on.

3:30: HOME. Zombie walk to the front stairs...

(The next 2 hours I do not recall....Like. Absolutely cannot recall, but I know at 6 o'clock I stopped playing Sims 3)

6:15: Eat dinner.

6:25: Go onto computer for an online class conference.

6:30: Teacher is M.I.A.

6:45: I swear I'm going to drop the class and swallow down some tears. My stomach hurts, I'm tired, and I feel post-mortem.

6:55: Get an email back from the teacher....get connected to a phone conference.

8:00: End phone conference, and bring up Sims 3 again

8:30: Hear tiny feet pattering around inside the walls and flooring....

9:00: Mom makes cake and Dad brings me some. WINNN.

9:30: My Sim FINALLY has a baby girl. I named her Ivie. She's going to be a virtuoso. She has like. 2 million cousins. My Sims hate me. But I like big families.

10:08: Current moment. Off to watch Frasier, take a shower, and collapse into a vegetative state until my 12 o'clock class tomorrow morning.


I am also trying my hardest to complete remove corn, high fructose corn syrup, dextrose, maltrodextrose and all those crazy corn-related items out of my diet. It's HARD. EVERYTHING has corn in it. From PopTarts to Gatorade, to apple sauce and Progresso soup. EVERYTHING. But I'm sticking to my $3.50 for a 6-pack of all-natural, organic oatmeal bars. I worked over the summer. I have money. And three months ago, I had DOUBLE the money I have now.

Three months ago I could almost afford this: (with a loan)

And now, I can almost afford this: (with a loan)

Who am I kidding? The 2007 Honda belongs to Detective Booth, who is the fictional character in my book, who also resides in my imagination, and tells me to please NOT smart off to THIS guy....

The end.

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