Thursday, April 22, 2010

You would, too.

That, folks, is unedited farting. Classy.

But (and no puns intended), I think I know why he did that, and if I'm right, would, too.

Yesterday, everyone made French Onion Soup. *cue heavenly chorus* Man, oh, man, was that stuff good.

The cutting the onions part wasn't so fun. Chef J.L. showed me how to cut an onion. I ALMOST cut a quarter of an onion in the time it took him to chop a whole one. I think I need to be a bit more angered before I can go at an onion like that. (But as all my readers know, it's really not to hard to anger me to that point)

So there's like...4 and 1/2 onions in a 3 gallon pot with 2 oz of butter.

3 days later is looked something like the above. Then, after it was caramelized, I deglazed the pan with brandy and boxed red wine, added a half cup of beef stock and let it simmer until it reduced.

After it was sufficiently reduced, I added the rest of the beef stock, some thyme, salt, and pepper. After that, I poured it into a ceramic bowl, added some parmesan cheese, and put it in the oven at 500*F for around 10 minutes. I topped it off with 3 small slices of toast (aka bread baked in olive oil--like light croutons)...and voila!

That's a darn lot of onions.

THAT'S why Rahm Emmanuel farted.

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