Monday, June 29, 2009

A Really Hard Post to Find a Good Title

It's so windy right now, I hope a big storm is on it's way :-) That would be wonderful for my day off. Actually, I might ask for tomorrow off as well, because I am in an emotionally and physically undesirable state, some of which has to do with improper meals, being up at 3 in the morning loading Apple updates on my iPod, and constantly finding myself at work.

My mom and my boss agree that I should sit down sometimes during my shift. I try to wolf down a panini inbetween customers and cleaning, and try so hard to stay ahead that I come home in a zombie-like state of mind.

Instead of Braaiiinss it's more often than not Piiiizzaaaa.

Part of my post-work state has led me to realize that my hard-working characters cannot come home after a day of grueling, and think Wow, I can't wait to tackle tomorrow. At least, not day after day. In fact, since I entered the work force, I like to believe that God has given me numerous circumstances to guide me in my writing.

For example: A person cannot have a large event happen in their lives, and not come out scarred, stronger, or both. If you're writing a scene about a weird person, they can't just be weird. There is a reason, and as a writer, it's up to you to figure out why they act as they do and what the philsophy is behind their actions.

Enough psychology for today :)
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